Mid-Atlantic BM Leadership Conference, 2016

The event will be held in Washington, DC November 11th and 12th, 2016.

General schedule for the Mid-Atlantic Burning Man Leadership Conference:

- Thursday, November 10th - Informal Kick-off Happy Hour

- Friday, November 11th - Programming all day until 5:30pm

- Saturday, November 12th - Programming all day until 5:30pm

- Sunday, November 13th - Informal Programming TBD - outside of the MABMLC structure

The conference will be the same weekend as Catharsis on the Mall, a transformative event on the National Mall, which has the theme "Our Journey Home." You can learn more about that event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/527965740729297/

Space is limited at the weekend's conference, so attendance is not open to the public. We'll be covering important issues that are of interest to the larger Burning Man community, and we'll share key takeaways with all of you to keep the conversations moving forward.

Ticket Price. We've been fortunate enough to receive use of the Keegan Theater in DC for next to nothing. Funds raised through ticket sales will be used for food and drink, and supplies for the conference. In particular, we expect to cover breakfast and coffee both days, snacks throughout, and lunch at least one of the days. Any remaining funds will be given to a creative community project TBD. Tickets are $40.

Sponsorship Fund. Our Sponsorship Fund will help us ensure that as many of the people for whom the ticket price is a barrier can participate in this conversation. If you're in a position to donate $10, $20, $40, or more above your ticket price, your generosity will be greatly appreciated.

Please email tickets@blackrocktickets.com for more information.

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